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last mile
we create products for the automation of logistics, retail & e-commerce to boost business performance
we build a network of IoT click & collect devices in US
we use our own software platform & mobile app
we drive changes in last mile delivery

last mile delivery

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Here Are
Fast Facts
2 mln
$9 bln

per day are stolen in US
total goods worth


we make last mile delivery affordable, high quality & sustainable
last mile delivery marketplace offering solutions for courier and logistic companies, laundry, grocery, and restaurant deliveries
$ 500K
what does
check out Mileberry investment opportunities

$ 150 bln
value of the global
last mile delivery transportation
market in 2020
Why Choose Mileberry
for B2B partners & end users we give a solution to easily connect to the network and start using customer-friendly self- service
welcome to C2C shipments!
contactless experience 24/7
ability to try the best self-service experience 24/7 at any outdoor location: bus stations, subways,
close to the supermarkets
or parking lots
solar powered
our goal is to reduce global carbon footprint & electricity costs therefore Mileberry Hub is solar powered
fast & flexible delivery

send personal parcels, receive your orders or manage returns. whatever the case may be -Mileberry Hub is the universal decision!


Product Hub
28 cells

4 cells
7 cells
01. Post
02. Laundry
03. Refrigerated
04. Heated
6 cells
send directly to customer
open your cell
go for C2C shipments
load a package
close the cell
check the status
scan QR-code on Mileberry Hub screen display while using Mileberry app or web version for the cell to open
open the map to find the nearest MileberryHub for loading your parcel into the proper cell
open Mileberry app or a website to create the shipment using sender and receiver details
leave the package in Mileberry Hub cell following instructions & manuals in app or web recommendations
as soon as you are done with loading a package just close the cell carefully & leave the package
the package will be waiting for the next courier to collect it. as it happens you may track how the parcel will be shipped further
your parcel?
apply collection code
How you receive
open the cell
take the parcel

open the map to find your necessary MileberryHub for taking out your parcel
use the collection code from the text message or scan QR code at Mileberry hub

scan QR-code on Mileberry Hub screen display while using Mileberry app or web version for the cell to open
as soon as you are done with getting a package just close the cell carefully & leave
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