this short story is our talk to the CEO of Mileberry - Roman Novozhenov.

It unpacks how Mileberry started in the US & why start-up people are so passionate about last mile delivery scope of decisions & how Mileberry got $500K financing from Silicon Valley VC fund right from the start of 2022

First of all Mileberry started with synergy. We decided to propose the US market hardware product for postal services with perfect & easy integrated software - using our global expertise in IT, logistics, e-commerce and quick commerce. Then COVID-19 delivered brand new opportunities
Now as we move on with developing new product adaptive hardware modules, I must say that any global delivery market will need a Mileberry hub soon – admits Roman Novozhenov, Mileberry CEO.

Acute problems that we challenge

  • porch pirates - 2 million parcels are stolen per day
  • theft of parcels costs $9 bln losses per year
  • post Covid -19 world issues - contactless delivery is a must have option
  • while prices tend to be rising our self-service Network for last mile delivery will be reducing costs for businesses operations
  • a very acute issue is that due to an increase in parcel traffic and an increase in mobile couriers, cities will also suffer from traffic jams and an increase in CO2 emissions.
During a couple of years e-commerce shopping, food services & small business opportunities are changing dramatically. The main reason for that is that people started to change their habits of buying & selling and also taking care of their health in the new regulated way.

From the buyer's side we want it to be safe, cheap, fast and of course with the proper quality.

From the seller's side we want it to be optimized for anti-Covid-19 safety requirements that allows them to deliver goods and services in whatever the case may be.

Changing habits of customers in the global cycles as well as the generation Z requirements for e-commerce shopping are all okay for the growing market of
self-service delivery products.

Now the market value of global last mile delivery is about $150 bln - and Mileberry will be part of it.

Mileberry makes it Cheap. Fast & Safe 24/7

Our main solution is Mileberry Hub - a product with software.
Let’s dive more deep into it as the delivery point for consumer goods, products & services.

Imagine one smart locker where you may send & receive parcels, warm food from your favorite restaurant, collect fresh orders from a grocery store or even get your clothes from dry cleaning.

What’s so special about IoT smart lockers?

  • solar powered
  • modular construction
  • easy & fast for e-commerce
  • cheap & available for C2C
  • anti COVID-19 contactless experience
  • works 24/7
  • carrier agnostic - any size of business can easily connect using our public API

We know a lot of examples of HoReCa, crowded fast foods businesses, or local cozy restaurants that started and finished their work during COVID-19.

Some of them just went out of the business , some of them just re-organized their business for delivery services. As you understand, last mile delivery innovations are crucially welcomed for the consumer goods market & Mileberry is struggling for them.

As a business partner
Mileberry sticks to improvements in transparency
across the delivery process & its cost optimization.

Mileberry technology almost completely eradicated the rising issue of parcel theft in the USA. Thanks to our IoT smart lockers, both sides: buyer & seller can have more confidence in the success of parcel delivery.
It kind of eliminates anxiety & impacts customer satisfaction.
Moreover it saves millions of dollars associated with reshipping products.

All that combined with adaptive anti vandal Mileberry hub construction will surely make an impact on service levels for the end customer.

One more important issue is analytics.
Track user journey, collect feedback, measure customer lifetime value, check the user frequency or whatever KPIs may be - Mileberry is about to customize them up to business partner demand.

By the way, like the B2B approach Mileberry is flexible.
Our pilot scaled to the contract with the biggest postal service company, we’re in communication with locals, & of course we tend to approve partnerships with the largest e-commerce players.
Mileberry Hub is a last mile delivery marketplace offering solutions for courier and logistic companies, laundry, grocery, and restaurant deliveries or private entrepreneurs.
Come and join us and let’s change and improve business together!

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